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Who We Are:


Capital Management & Insurance Solutions is a full-service company. What makes us different is that we offer you an opportunity to take care of all your financial needs under one roof.


With today's busy schedule and lifestyle who has the time to set a different appointment with each advisor you may need throughout the year(s). We have that problem handled for you!


From the simple to the complex, you can have your advisors sit around the same table to collectively evaluate the best course of action to get you to your financial goals.


Our expert advisors all have years of experience in their respective fields.


Our Commitment to our Clients:

We commit to being honest in all communications. We will always give sound advice concerning the client’s case. We will not move forward with a client’s needs unless we feel that we can realistically improve their situation.


The Heart represents our passion and commitment to help our clients and guide them in whatever need they may have to a better financial life.

The Safety Net represents the safety net that we surround our clients with to give them more security and peace of mind in their financial future.

We are committed to giving back:

Each year 10% of our company profits will be donated to a selected local non-profit organization to better the well-being of our communities.

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